The best things to do in Paris at night

At Riviera Bar Crawl and Tours, we dedicate ourselves to create and run the best visits and activities in Paris ad on the Cote d’Azur, from Nice to Monaco, Cannes, and more. With our team of local guides and experts, we can offer a whole range of walking tours, privates tours, sports and adventures and some unique activities for you, your friends and your family.

When it comes to Paris, we are sure you all heard about the magnificent monuments, the shopping streets, the art, and the culture … but there is so much more to it and only the night in Paris can give you the full spectrum of what the City of Lights has to offer. So, let’s follow the advice and tips from our local tour guides, and let’s see what to do in Paris at night.

What to see at night in Paris?

Our locals make you discover their neighborhood: day or night, they will make you find out ideal or confidential places and can lead you to areas of warm, festive outings during our night walking tours in Paris. We take you on a tour of Paris by-night, along the Seine. In summer and winter alike, the French capital begins to vibrate at nightfall. In 1991, the consecration came from UNESCO with the inscription of the quays of the Seine as world heritage. What we suggest to you is even better! It is about putting your legs to work and exploring Paris at night as you’ve never seen it before.

Follow our local tour guides from the famous and very central Île Saint-Louis and walk your way to the Eiffel Tower. This night walk tours in Paris will enchant you. The bedside of Notre-Dame de Paris called the banks of the Seine about 8 km long. This long walk may take you between 3 and 4 hours depending on your breaks, but if you like to take a lot of photos, it is better to spread the route over several evenings.

Let’s start our Paris walking tour at night!

Saint-Louis Island / Île Saint-Louis

Since 1725, the island owes its current name to King Louis IX, also known as Saint-Louis.

  • Exit from the mouth of the Sully-Morland metro overlooks the small Henri Galli square and, in the center of the square, the foundations of a ruined tower: the Bastille prison.
  • Then from Square Henri Galli, head towards Île Saint-Louis via the Sully bridge. From the bridge, the view extends to the eastern districts of Paris.
  • Walk to reach the Quai d’Orléans and enjoy the amazing views of  Notre-Dame.

From here, you can also see the dome of the Pantheon and even the top end of the Eiffel Tower.

L’Île de la Cité

  • Next, you need to pass the Pont Saint-Louis, over the Seine river, to reach Île de la Cité. Once on the square of Notre-Dame Cathedral, take a step back to admire the magnificent Gothic facade of the sanctuary.
  • Then join rue d’Arcole towards the Seine by crossing the Pont d’Arcole. You are now on the Paris’ Right Bank near the Town Hall. On the right is the monumental Hôtel de Ville de Paris.
  • Take a left along the quay, where stands the part of the medieval tower of the unique Conciergerie building. Look further behind and you can already see the Sainte-Chapelle.

The Pont-Neuf

The oldest bridge in Paris is made up of two parts. Once on the other side, you find yourself on the Left Bank.

  • Take the quay on the right, and walk for 500 meters to the Pont des Arts. On your left rises, the illuminated facade, and the dome of a building called the “Institut de France”, the current building on the left bank, opposite the square courtyard of the Louvre.

The Pont des Arts

  • Just push a bit further on your right. Here is one of the most romantic places in Paris, the famous Pont des Arts.

The Louvre Museum

  • Pass over the Seine again, reach the “Quai François Mitterrand”, and rush under the entrance porch of the Louvre Museum.

The Louvre and its courtyards are other highlights of the hike. Home to the Mona Lisa painting, you should also do a full visit of the Louvre at day-time

Place de la Concorde

  • Then, follow the arcades of the Rivoli street, and turn left towards Place de la Concorde.

Here, you are sheltered on the arcades along the entire street, with luxury hotels as you pass through crowds of tourists at souvenir shops. Place de la Concorde is one of the most beautiful royal squares in Europe. This symbol-laden site has known significant events in the History of France. Stand in the center, back against the Luxor Obelisk, and simply admire the grand view of the perspective of the Champs-Élysées and of the Arc de Triomphe at its end.

The Eiffel Tower

  • Approaching the Eiffel Tower, continue along the Seine on Cours Albert the 1st to the vibrant Place de l’Alma, where you will find cafes, brasseries, restaurants, and unique bars in Paris.
  • Continue your way on the Quay of New York. On the Left Bank, don t forget to turn right and keep walking the Esplanade David Ben Gurion … the Eiffel Tower is not far away.

What to do at night in Paris?

Visiting Paris at night, that is not only seeing the best sites and monuments of the French capital. Paris by night, that is also the traditional French culture with the Moulin Rouge and other cabaret shows. Do you want to go out, have a drink in or hit the dance floor after a day of discovering the many monuments of Paris?

A pub crawl in Paris to enjoy the nightlife

With some of the best pub crawls in Paris, Riviera Bar Crawl & tours have some local tour guides ready to take you on a nocturnal adventure to discover the places of shows and parties and the festive districts of Paris. Starting in the Quartier Lain district, the nightlife Mecca, we will take you to some of the best pubs, bars, and clubs in Paris.

Every time (or almost) that we plan an evening with our friends, we know very well where it will end! At the bar, of course! Going for a drink is a crucial moment for our Parisian evenings … Unquestionably, the aperitif on the terrace is a sure bet, and that’s probably why we have this tendency to return to basics. But finally, innovating a little has never killed anyone!

It is the reason why we have organized the Pub Crawls in Paris: to offer you the real Parisian nightlife!

We know it is sometimes complicated to find the right bars, the right neighborhoods, and the perfect places to enjoy some of the best happy hours, themed bars, rooftops, and trendy nightclubs in the French capital.

Thanks to our pub crawl local guides, you will join be able to discover Paris at night, make new friends and join the parties in some fantastic bars and pubs in Paris.

Alternative places and ephemeral wastelands in northeast Paris

The north-east of Paris hosts several festive and cultural venues that offer an offbeat program of parties, festivals, concerts, cultural events. Some of these cultural and collective actors have taken up permanent residence on sites, while others settle here temporarily.

Night cruises on the canals of Paris

Some new original additions to the Parisian nightlife are the party cruises. They are perfect for taking an aperitif, dance to a DJ’s electro set, enjoy some great music on the Parisian cruise traditional French boat: the “peniches” while discovering Paris by night and the illuminated monuments reflecting on the water.

You can also discover the essential Seine cruises. If these cruises are offered, especially on sunny days, some are offered all year round.

Music, shows, and culture

Paris is very active in terms of events and culture. The French capital also offers major festive night events: The White Night, the European Night of Museums, and much more all year long.

 Swimming at night in Paris

If you want something unique, you can also head to Piscine Pontoise  (the Pontoise Swimming Pool), a great place to chill after the happy hours and before heading to the clubs as it stays open until 11 pm.