Monaco Private Walking Tour:

What: A private walking tour of Monaco, customised specially for you and your group.

Our Guides: Our local and bilingual guides know the history of Monaco like the back of their hand. You can trust them to provide a fun yet informative tour that will really make you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

Duration: Our private tours usually last for three and a half hours (2h30)

Prices: We provide some of the best tour prices that you’ll find along the French Riviera

    • €250 Special Online Offer  for a group of 1-6 people
    • €350 Special Online Offer  for a group of 7-15 people
    • €20 per every extra individual

Transportation: For just a small additional charge, we will arrange for a minibus to collect you and your group and bring you to Monaco. Or, likewise, if you would prefer to travel by train, we will arrange your train tickets.

Languages: We currently offer our tours in both English and French

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Why Discover Monaco?

When most people think of Monaco, they initially think of the fast cars and the high-end shopping streets. Basically, when you think of Monaco, most of us immediately associate it with money. And to be honest, we’re not too far off. Afterall, amongst their population of 40,000, one-third are considered millionaires. But is that all the State of Monaco is? Nothing more than a playground for the rich and famous? That assumption cannot be further from the truth.

monaco private tours

What most people don’t know about Monaco is that it truly does have a fascinating and long-standing history. Haven’t you perhaps ever wondered why Monaco is an independent country despite being entirely surrounded by France? Or why it’s considered a Principality State instead of a Kingdom? Well, these are all questions that will be answered during your Monaco Private Tour!

Discover how the Monte-Carlo Casino came to be, and how Monaco rose from rags to riches. Learn about the history of the Grimaldi family who laid claim to the rulership of Monaco and how a so-called curse has been placed on the members of the Royal family.

Highlight of our Private Monaco Tours:

Monaco is an absolutely gorgeous State with plenty of attractions despite its small size. (Did you know that you could probably walk from one end of the country to the next in just about an hour?!). But, below are some of our favorite must-see attractions! All of which we’ll be visiting during the tour.

  • Café de Paris and Hôtel de Paris.
  • The Salle Garnier Opéra of Monte Carlo
  • The Monte-Carlo Casino
  • F1 Gran Prix Circuit
  • Sainte-Dévote Church
  • La Condamine Market
  • The Prince’s Palace
  • The Hercule Port
  • The Cathedral of Monaco
  • Saint Martin Gardens
  • Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

And many many more!


Why Book a Private Tour?

While we do provide our usual walking tours in Monaco , you may miss out on some of the best bits! Also, with a private tour, you get to enjoy the benefits of a more intimate tour. Maybe even get to bond with your guide! That’s not something you can often achieve on the normal tours. Especially when there’s over 50 people chattering around you.

There is also the customization aspect of the tour. We are here to cater to whatever your whims may be. It is your private tour after all! Whether you want to stop for lunch along the way or maybe even extend your tour, then all you have to do is let us know in advance and we’ll sort out the rest. We’ll also let you decide on the time and meeting point for the day! For just a small additional fee, we can even organise transport for you and your group if that would be easier for you.

Interested in More?

Do you want to discover more than just Monaco and take advantage of our full-day tour option? Just let us know on and we’ll make sure to arrange the perfect private tour for you and your group! Take the tour on wheels and visit the stunning medieval village of Èze or bask in the sunshine along Nice’s Promenade des Anglais. Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to organise the ideal day for everyone so that you can make the most out of your visit!

Included : 

  • 2H30 Tour of Monaco with a professional local guide
  • We’ll meet in Front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco at 10H00
  • YOUR GUIDE: Look out for the red umbrella and the red tee-shirt.
  • Immediate confirmation by email: printed or mobile confirmation forms are accepted

Excluded : 

  • Personal expenses
  • Food or drink
  • Tickets and visits to the Oceanographic Museum, the Princely Palace, the Casino of Monte Carlo