• Meeting Point : 10:55am Massena square fountain
  • Your Guide Look out for the red umbrella and the red tee-shirt.
  • When : All Year 7/7 Days a week
  • Duration : Around 2h30 hour tour.
  • Price : This is a free tour. However, please tip your guide according to your budget based on how much you enjoyed the tour.

Nice is one of the fifth most populated cities across France and it’s also one of the most beautiful old cities to explore. Nice metropole côte d’azur has a population of around 1 million people as well as numerous sites for walking and photography, Nice is best enjoyed with an expert guide.

Our walking tour is one of the finest ways to explore this beautiful city along the French Riviera and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. As the area is Nicknamed Nice the beautiful, our free walking tour Nice can help you to discover some of the finest aspects of Nice and truly see why it has been called a beautiful place for centuries.

Discover Nice by Foot

During our free walking tour around Nice Old town you can see some of the history as well as explore the Cote D’azur and a variety of other unique tourism attractions. Through areas like the Galerie des Ponchettes, the belanda tower, Rossetti square and other attractions, you can get a true history of Nice. It can be difficult to locate all of these attractions by yourself with  the narrow streets of Nice and it’s many distractions.

Nice has a lovely honeycomb pattern for its streets and in any Nice Walker tour with our company you can get access to the city’s main attractions as well as recommendations for the best Nice restaurants and shops. Through our experience we can put you on the best route to see many of the top attractions in Nice as well as discover the best things to do in Nice during your stay.

If you are truly interested about exploring Nice, you should strongly consider our walking tour along the Mediterranean and throughout the city. Seeing Nice with an experienced guidance for the eyes of a local is one of the greatest ways to get in touch with the ancient culture and beauty of this city.