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To many, this region represents France at its absolute best. Stunning beaches, bustling street markets, and a whole world just waiting for you to discover it. This is a part of the world that’s well worth exploring.

The rich tapestry of events, attractions and natural features make the French Riviera a destination to suit travellers of all kinds. Book a private full-day experience with us and encounter glamour like never before.

The best Côte D’Azur Villages Private Tours

Our local experts and guides have years of experience and give tours designed to make a lasting impression. We’re intimately familiar with the French Riviera and its stunning charm. Whether you’re looking to relax by the shore, soak in the incredible architecture, or something else entirely, we’re here to make it happen.

Côte d’Azur Villages – an Overview

Situated along the southern coastline of France by the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera is world-renowned for its beaches, panoramic views, picturesque yachts and breathtaking villages.

Its unique location means explorers can enjoy a staggeringly broad range of scenery and activities. Larger cities in the area like Cannes and Nice are home to spectacular sights like the Cannes Film Festival, stunning restaurants and luxury shopping areas.

One place where the Riviera really shines, however, is in its spectacular villages and towns that are off the beaten track.

The locations below are just the tip of the iceberg…


Saint-Paul de Vence

One of the oldest medieval towns in France that’s well-known for its art and culture scene:

  • Modern and contemporary art museums
  • Breathtaking historical buildings
  • Hilltop views
  • Well-loved by artists and writers


Neighboring the region’s capital, Nice, this vibrant coastal village offers the perfect escape from the hectic pace of city life:

  • One of the most beautiful bays in the world
  • Unique Russian influence in the area
  • Stunning orthodox churches
  • Rich in history and culture


Home to some of the most spacious and breathtaking beaches of the region, this charming village is well worth a visit:

  • Opulent architecture favoured by the European aristocracy
  • Picturesque views
  • Perfect for lazy afternoons in the sun
  • Home to the renowned Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Cap d’Ail

If you’re a fan of hiking, then this spectacular village is worth adding to your tour. The surrounding areas offer gorgeous pine forests and walks:

  • Neighbours Monaco for a luxury experience
  • Great for hikers
  • Three white sandy beaches
  • Stunning views of Italy on certain routes


With a population of just under 400 people, Gourdon is a drastically different experience to cities like Cannes or Nice:

  • A remote experience unlike any other
  • 360 views of the surrounding region
  • Authentic village scene
  • Truly a “hidden gem”


Located about an hour and a half away from Nice, Isola is definitely worth the trip. The old baroque-style churches and village charm will take your breath away:

  • Local Riviera ski resort
  • Baroque-style buildings and streets
  • Painted murals and picture-worthy spots everywhere
  • Relaxed pace of life


Sainte Agnès

Credit pierre bigot

Right next to the French-Italian border, this village offers some of the best views on any of our tours:

  • Altitude of 780 metres for gorgeous views
  • Cobblestone streets with hidden alleyways
  • Authentic 14th-century houses
  • A fusion of Italian and French influence


Integrated into the Mercantour National Park, this is a beautiful spot for those who love to explore nature:

  • Strong Italian influence in the area
  • Largest open-air museum in Europe
  • Ancient medieval ruins
  • Beautiful churches


Relatively close to the city of Nice, this originally medieval town has since been renovated with stunning modern houses:

  • Unique butterfly museum in a renovated church
  • Historic chapels and churches from the 12th century
  • Fantastic views
  • Peaceful village scene

Much More

The villages described above really are just the tip of the iceberg. The Côte d’Azur has a near endless supply of local delights to add to your tour. Tell your guide where you’d like to go and we can add it to your custom experience.

Book your French Riviera Villages Private Tour with Local Experts

We believe our tours and day trips are the best available in the area. We combine years of industry experience with a passion for the area to provide one-of-a-kind experiences that make a lasting impression.

We want your tour to feel uniquely yours. For this reason, we can plan the trip around you and will only visit the places and events you care about.

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We take customer satisfaction very seriously. When you book one of our tours, you’re paying for the highest level of quality and insight that exists in the area.

Here are just some of the reasons to book a tour with us:

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  • Flexible starting times and locations
  • Flexible group size – we can accommodate groups of all sizes
  • Use our local experts to plan an itinerary around your interests
  • Name a city in the area and we’ll go there, including those outside of our regular tour offer like St. Paul de Vence or Villefranche-Sur-Mer
  • We organise everything for you! This includes transportation and group co-ordination
  • Tours available in a wide variety of languages


Pricing – French Riviera Private Tours

We offer a range of price plans to suit different stays and preferences. Prices are influenced by the length of your tour and the number of stops you’d like to visit.

Half-Day Custom Tour Rates

Ideal for shorter experiences, our half-day price details can be found below:

  • Single city custom tour for 1-6 people — starting at €490
  • Single city custom tour for 7 – 15 people — starting at €690
  • For each additional adult — €49
  • For each additional child — €19

Full-Day Custom Tour Rates

For those who want to sink their teeth into the Riviera travel experience:

  • Custom tour of 2-3 cities for 1-6 people — starting at €690
  • Custom tour of 2-3 cities for 7-15 people — starting at €1090
  • For each additional adult — €39
  • For each additional child — €19


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